Welcome to simple, delicious, and real homemade meals -all in short video recipes:)

With a course of time you’ll find here more and more easy, delicious, homemade meals so… keep visiting! These are (and always will be) the real meals I’ve made for myself, my family and friends. All of them have been evaluated according to three criteria:

  • simple (yes/no: judged by me)
  • delicious (yes/no: judged by people who ate)
  • fast to prepare (yes/no: judged by me, again;))

If all criteria are met, the recipe is published. You can use them to the letter or treat as an inspiration whenever you feel like doing it. You’re warmly invited:)

I’m going to place here:

  • videos
  • text recipes
  • recipe cards, ready to download or print
    …or maybe for an immediate sending to a friend (or your partner) with the inspiration for today’s dinner? 😉 or maybe later, after you let me know if it’s a good idea?

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed cooking them. Thank you for visiting and let’s stay in touch!